Here at The Electric Gate Company, we are experts in automatic gate opening and closing systems. Having provided our services to hundreds of clients over the years, we are able to suggest, design and install the perfect gates to suit your needs. With experience in both commercial and domestic gate installation, we tailor our gates to fit your requirements while ensuring they have a striking aesthetical finish.

On this page, we showcase our selection of informative videos of electric gates installed to demonstrate the effortless and seamless finish we are able to achieve. No matter the size, dimension or direction of your driveway, our team will design bespoke gates that maintain the privacy of your home and allow access to authorised individuals. We have created gates for homes of all sizes as well as commercial warehouses and larger retail complexes.

Through our videos, you can see how a range of different electric gate designs from decorative steel gates and sliding telescopic gates through to bi-folding doors and bespoke wooden electric gates work in practice. Focusing on the residential part of our business, our videos demonstrate how smoothly our gates open and close to allow vehicles to enter your property. Through the content here, you will also see the professional and elegant finish each gate provides these buildings when closed – with each one being designed to suit its surroundings effortlessly.

Here at The Electric Gate Company, we have over 45 years experience in hand making automated gates. Combining innovative technology with the strongest metalwork and useable remote interfaces, we create gates that fit in with your busy lifestyle. Our gates have been installed all over the country, in residential homes and for larger businesses such as National Trust sites.

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Sliding telescopic gates

Sliding telescopic gates

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