We manufacture bespoke gates for driveways, estates and commercial properties in a range of styles and designs. We can offer solid hardwood, wood and steel combination and iron gates, with either swing or sliding mechanisms. All of our gates are custom made to the highest standards at our factory in Somerset.

All of our gates meet with the requirements of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) and come with complete risk assessments.

There are many reasons you may wish to have a customised gate. You may want the design and materials to match other railings or features around your entrance, the area the gates are to be fitted may have non-standard dimensions or perhaps you like certain aspects from multiple designs and wish to combine them. We will strive to make your gate to your design.

Whatever the reason may be, to discuss your custom gates please contact us directly on Freephone 0333 2079807 or alternatively on 01934 742803 or email us on enquiries@theelectricgateco.co.uk.

Alternatively read more about our bespoke gates below:

Types of gates we offer:

Bespoke Metal Gates

Custom Steel gates are perfect for most, if not all premises, as they are strong, hard wearing and durable. Steel gates are suited to automation as they can take the load off of the opening mechanisms. All of our Steel gates are handmade in our factory and are all galvanised to prevent rusting and painted to meet your specific requirements. We can manufacture any design you wish, we can work from an architectural drawing or we will produce a CAD drawing for you.

Bespoke Wooden Gates

All our solid wooden gates are fitted with our unique ‘L’ shaped galvanized steel brackets. These brackets enable the wood to be automated successfully, causing minimum stress on a naturally moving product. All of our solid wooden gates are constructed using hardwood as this offers the best quality, longest lifespan and has less natural movement.

The main types of wood we usually use are Air dried English Oak, Iroko, Idigbo and Accoya, however if you have a particular hardwood that you want to use we should be able to source it for you. Solid wooden gates offer superb quality and superior craftsmanship.

Should you wish your gates to be painted, we recommend Accoya. Accoya is the world’s leading long life sustainable wood.

All our wooden gates are all individually handmade by our highly qualified joiners to achieve the perfect finish, just for you.

Bespoke Estate Gates

All our custom estate gates are made to look like wood but are in fact made from steel. Our gates are then galvanised to prevent from rusting, ensuring that they last for many years to come. Pairs of estate gates can close against a special domed centre stop that is animal and car friendly. Although, if you wished the gates can be made from wood to match the surrounding environment.

Our steel gates range from simple flat top to more decorative and complex bow or shallow top designs. All our gates are handcrafted for each customer, so you have full input into your finished gates. If there is a particular design that you have in mind, speak to a member of our team and we should be able to manufacture it for you.

Design and installation

You can discuss your specific requirements with a member of our sales team, who will guide you through the process of selecting the right gate as well as advising on installation.

Each gate is handcrafted by our highly qualified craftsmen to meet your specific requirements and to ensure that each gate leaves our factory looking perfect. Each gate is installed and maintained by our own skilled engineers and we also offer a year’s warranty, so if you do have any problems, a member of our team will be sure to fix it for you.

We use the highest quality materials when manufacturing our products, ensuring your gate stands out from the rest, as well as being safe and secure.


The price of our gates will depend on what material, size and automation that you choose. A price will be discussed with you when you contact us to enquire about a specific gate. Once a member of our team has received an architectural drawing, CAD drawing or a simple photograph from you, then we can send you an accurate quote based on its factors.


A helping hand when deciding your gate material

Type of GateProsCons
Hardwood Gates· Unique – no two are the same.
· Close-boarded gates can provide more privacy.· Strong and durable.
· Require more periodic maintenance than their steel counterparts.· Wooden gates may warp due to the nature of the material.
Hardwood with metal frames
(Wooden infill gates)
· Strong and durable.
· Unique.· Requires less maintenance than solid wood.
· The metal is exposed, which some people prefer not to see on a wooden gate
Metal Gates· Able to create more complex designs.
· More economic material.· Steel is naturally strong.
· Steel needs to be protected in an external environment (we galvanise our gates to minimise any unnecessary aftercare).

See more examples in our gallery below.

To discuss your custom gates please contact us directly on Freephone 0333 2079807 or alternatively on 01934 742803 or email us on enquiries@theelectricgateco.co.uk.