Our Aluminium Residential Gates are an informed choice for your home that help to improve security and safety for the entire family. Designed to suit the aesthetics of your building and the local area, they seamlessly blend into their surroundings while providing you with the tools to protect your house and its contents. In turn, aluminium residential gates can boost the intrinsic value of your property, providing additional value in the future.

As opposed to wooden or steel alternatives, aluminium gates are lightweight and low maintenance. They cause minimal damage to hinges, rollers or tracks when used with an automated system. With a rust and corrosion resistant structure, these entrance gates have been shown to withstand harsh weather conditions without chipping, cracking or flaking. The rigid structure won’t warp overtime and is able to maintain the sleek and professional finish you sought out during the initial design.

Below you can see a selection of aluminium entrance gates that we have designed, manufactured and installed for our past clients. Each one has an internally fitted, automated mechanism that allows the gates to be opened and shut securely and with ease. According to the style of each residential building and other metal work in the area, we were able to produce a set of automatic aluminium gates to suit each project. Our collection includes a wide range of different structural designs, including aluminium sliding doors for environments with a reduced space availability.

Here at The Electric Gate Company, we have a wealth of knowledge in the manufacture and design of aluminium automated gates. Working with each client individually, we are able to use over 45 years of experience to provide innovative electrical knowledge and steer you towards the gate solution that best suits your needs. Contact us today for more information regarding our aluminium driveway gates or to obtain a free installation quote today.


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