LIVI 502


The LIVI 502 is a range of high-quality and industrial swing gate arm motors. They have been manufactured from premium materials throughout, guaranteeing a rugged and reliable service for commercial environments. Allowing you to automate the movement of your swing gates, these electric gate kits help to improve the efficiency and quality of your security measures.

With a range of different variations on offer, these articulated electric gate openers have been used throughout the industry. They have a compact design which folds in on itself and allows for convenient installation. In turn, optional limit switches can be disguised within the plastic casing to further improve their suitability for small, compact environments. If available space continue to be a factor, the operator position can be adjusted accordingly, using the convenient and optional vertical fixing plate.

Noted as being one of the best gate automation systems available to date, each of the electromechanical arm operators has been fitted with control boards from the DE@NET series. As well as further heightening the security and safety of your gates, this also ensures compliance with the European Norms EN12453 and EN12445, thanks to the inbuilt encoder.

By automating your swing gates, your take control of a buildings security at all times. These swing gate motors assist you in this by passing control of access over to a trusted and reliable employee. In line with this, they allow you to keep unwanted intruders out at times when the building is unmanned or provide smooth access for authorised personnel when appropriate.


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