Keypad and Proximity Reader


An effective way to improve security in your building, the Keypad and Proximity Reader is an essential option for commercial properties. Designed and manufactured by DEA, the DigiProx reader with keypad can be installed in compact environments and programmed to allow access to authorised personnel only.

This versatile keypad access control system allows colleagues and guests within your business to pass into authorised areas of the building, without the need for a key fob. Not only does this allow you to swiftly change access restrictions according to new roles, requirements or staff responsibilities, but also reduces the traditionally bulky key fobs of workers with free movement. The access keypad is quick to install with a compact design that works just as well for small companies as it will for larger ones.

Once programmed, it can be used like a regular access control system, with a designated numerical code used to unlock the door in question. These individual number keys will illuminate with a Blue LED light – allowing users to gain access, even when light and visibility are poor. However, additionally, the proximity reader can store the information of up to 1000 cards. Simply hold the card over the reader to gain instant and approved access.

A standalone keypad access control system such as the DigiProx is an effective solution for the safety of all commercial buildings. It has an IP65 rating, allowing it to be installed outdoors and is suitable for businesses of all sizes and requirements.