DEA TR2 Hand Transmitter


The DEA TR2 Hand Transmitter allows you to easily open and close gates or garage doors with the click of a button. Convenient and compact, it improves the security of any building, allowing you to limit intrusion by trespassers and ensure authorised personnel are granted the correct access. In turn, it also improves the efficiency of modern life, by allowing you to raise your garage door as you make your way up the drive.

This DEA remote control is fully compatible with any gate or garage door that has been fitted with a DEA branded motor. Alongside being small enough to store discreetly, it also boasts a small storage loop allowing it to be hung alongside keys if required. The garage remote control speeds up the process of entering a building by opening up the door with a single click of a button.

As with all DEA gate remotes, it will need to be programmed to the specific gate in question before use. As we provide each remote control with full instructions, this is something that can be done by yourself. The Electric Gate Company also provides this service to all our customers. However, if we are to programme your remote, please note that is can only be sent to the address for which it has been programmed.

The Electric Gate Company has a wealth of knowledge in the manufacture and installation of automated gates. We provide our customers with high-quality replacement remote controls to ensure they are always able to access the building in question.

For more information regarding this DEA TR2 remote control, contact us today.

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