Underground – Swing Gates

Below ground boxes which house our top quality DEA underground motors is the most popular way to automate your gates. These are long lasting and very reliable. This is also the most discreet and stylish of automation choices.

Ram Arm Operators – Swing Gates

Ram operators require no digging as the motorised ram fits directly onto the gate itself pulling the gate open and pushing it closed. This type of automation offers excellent value for money and is suitable for driveways which do not have the room to dig and fit underground boxes.

Sliding Gate Motors

Sliding gate motors are very useful when there is limited space in an entrance as they take up very little room. If your entrance is on a slope or turns sharply to the left or right, swing gates may not be an option where sliding gates will fit.

Articulated Arm Operators – Swing Gates

Articulated Arm gate openers are mounted on the gate posts and use an extended arm to reach around the post to the gate. When viewed from the outside the arms usually blend in with the gate and it becomes difficult to see that the gate is automated. Articulated arms are particularly suitable for automating existing gates where they are hung in the centre of an existing pillar. They are quick and easy to install and provide a very cost effective solution to automating your gates.