Hardwired Audio Systems

Our hardwired audio systems range from the budget friendly to top of the range BPT systems that can cover an 800m range from gates to property. Up to three handsets can be installed in each property. Products we use include: Videx and BPT.

Hardwired Video Entry Systems

Our video entry systems offer superb quality mono or colour pictures with a range of entry panels and monitors to suit individual budgets and tastes. Our top of the range system can support a cable run of 800m from gates to property. Products we use include: Videx and BPT.

Wireless Telecom Intercom

An intercom at the entrances linked with the existing telecom network. Suitable for long driveways and separate buildings serviced by a common entrance, apartment buildings requiring retro-fit intercom systems and for controlling access from anywhere your phone works. The Telguard intercom system dispenses with the need for cabling between the entrance and the buildings by utilising the existing telecom network. A BT line is required at the entrance and all communications from the intercom system is channelled to existing telephones within the properties. This system can be operated by telephone or mobile phone allowing control of access from anywhere in the world. Products we use include: Videx and BPT.

Digital Wireless Intercom

This high quality wire free digital intercom has a combined call button/keypad at the gate calling a free standing handset in the property. When called you can speak to the visitor at the gate and using the button on the handset release the gate(s).

Digital Keypad Entry

Robust designs with a smart appearance. A full metal casing and weather shield protect from the environment and misuse. The Keypad is illuminated for night time use and an LED display confirms acceptance of the correct code. The digipads are available as stand alone units or built in to both audio and video intercom systems. We supply BPT and DEA systems.

GSM systems

Open your gates from your mobile phone either at the gates or anywhere else in the world!. Products we use include: Videx, Bewater, BPT, AES and Telguard.