The Electric Gate Company were approached by the National Trust who were looking for a solution for one of their existing issues at a local site. Dunster Castle, near Minehead in Somerset, required an electric gate system that would control entry to the service access road and the side of the castle.

The aim of the project was to prevent unauthorised access by both vehicles and pedestrians via this road. At the same time, the solution needed to be aesthetically in keeping with the surrounding area and location. A secondary request was made to include fencing that actively prevented climbing of gates and livestock passing through.

Using over 45 years of industry experience, The Electric Gate Company designed, built and installed an ‘Estate Style’ set of gates. These were styled to match the existing fencing within the castle grounds.

To prevent climbing, we fitted the gates with a small aperture mesh. This material was chosen for its ability to blend into the gate’s aesthetics from a distance. The mesh only becomes visible once the individual comes up close. This allows it to prevent unauthorised access without interrupting the style of the gates.

Controlling access, The Electric Gate Company provided a GSM intercom system to work in conjunction with the gates. This system controls and allows authorisation calls into the restricted area controlled by the gates.

An added benefit of this form of intercom is the ability to redirect calls to another number, should the reception be unmanned. In addition, the gates can be accessed by trusted/authorised persons using code entry or a direct dial to the SIM card.

The Electric Gate Company specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke automated gates. Catering to a wide range of clients, their products are able to service private residential homeowners through to larger development companies including Fairview New Homes. For prospective customers, the EGC can provide a free quotation on all gates available as well as providing information and advice on the best solution for each building.