With over 45 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of automated gates, The Electric Gate Company has worked with happy clients from across the UK. We provide our high-quality gates to both residential and commercial properties with a range of different requirements on each project.

Here, we showcase a number of successful case studies to demonstrate how automated gates can improve security and accessibility. Our electric gate installation services are requested for a number of different reasons depending on the location. Sliding security gates provide the restriction needed to identify each visitor and maintain the safe nature of your commercial or residential environment. Our ornate metal gates add architectural interest to a building whilst, commonly, retaining keeping it in-keeping with the surrounding area. For our commercial gates case studies, we explain the initial problem our client's faced and explain how we overcame this with the right custom-made automated gates.

We pride ourselves in providing effective solutions to each of our client's needs. On this page, you will find both residential gates case studies and commercial gates case studies - allowing you to discover the ways in which we can support your individual requirements.

The Electric Gate Company has over 45 years of experience. During this time, we have provided automated gates to a range of different clients. Contact us today to discuss your individual needs and discover how our bespoke service can be tailored to produce the best results. With the right electric gate installation, you can begin to feel safer in your home, more in control of your possessions or simply regaining some of the privacy your family deserves.

Our helpful team are on hand to answer your questions and queries. We have a wide selection of gate styles, commercial gates and automation systems, allowing us to solve your issue professionally.